Curve tools missing from toolbar until switched to other Layout and back

When I add a curve object, I don’t have appropriate tools in the left toolbar until I switch to a different window layout and back. See video:


This is not a bug. Switching to another workspace automatically changes selection’s mode.

You were under Modeling Workspace.
To be able to add a curve, you leaved Edit Mode to enter Object Mode.

Under Object mode, tools are the same whatever Object Type is.

When you switched to Sculpting Workspace, there is no switch to Sculpt Mode for a Curve. Curve Objects don’t handle this mode. So, Curve is still under Object Mode.
When you go back to Modeling Workspace, Curve went into Edit Mode where tools and menus are adatpted to context.

Okay, I understand. It’s a bit confusing. I’d say if one adds a curve object, they want to see/edit it right away, so maybe it should automatically go into the edit mode. If I just add a curve object, I see nothing new at the workplace (all objects are set to visible).