Curve-to-Mesh Node "Even Thickness" Feedback Thread

Completely agree.
It can absolutely be a temporary solution to a big problem, until a proper solution is made.
if you have a leaky roof, you put a bucket. You do not wait for builders to come over, while it rains on your head.


I don’t know the code discrepancies, but it would be absolutely essential to have even thickness in geometry nodes with curves :slightly_smiling_face:


I cant believe this hasn’t got a valid solution yet here we are in 2024 and its one of the most used 3D modeling techniques for arch viz interior profiles and moldings ? yeah you can achieve even thickness for cyclic curves but for non Cyclic curves it seems to be pretty undoable atm to get this even thickness at each end of the non cyclic version . i dont know what to say but its n its frustrating and i wish there was a solid long term solution looked at for this specific use case as i know so many others would appreciate it too . so many people want this lol


What often happens is that a feature is requested or a patch is worked on, and then the devs. talk about how they have a more comprehensive design plan that they will implement to make it possible in a proper manner.

The problem, it is followed up with no design, no roadmap, and no communication, and the Blender Foundation wonders why their market share in studios is still at 0 percent after more than 20 years of development. They are so focused on ‘design’ that they forget the first thing that defines a successful application, and that is listening to users.

I love all of the progress Blender has made over the years, but sometimes it seems like a key reason why I have not abandoned ship is because of how the commercial solutions tend to come with a very high price tag combined with a byzantine licensing system and EULA.

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I appreciate that the devs are looking for proper design solutions before adding features, otherwise Blender would be a bloated mess.
Still, when a feature is small but very important, such as this, I am sure that the temporary solution is sufficient until a proper solution is introduced. The Even thickness shown here simply works. And that should be good enough for now. I want this in master, until it is substituted by a better solution.


Technically, temporary solution is sufficient only if it doesnot assume further legacy support.

this should be merged or a patch like it made and merged - very useful.


Did this get forgotten during the transition to the new development platform

I cant seem to find this differential anywhere on the new site?

@HooglyBoogly do you have any idea? I would hate to see this PR get lost


I migrated my code to 4.x code base on a few month ago but there has not been any push request since my approach has not had much traction with the devs. See BlenderBruno/blender: The official Blender project repository. - blender - Blender Projects

Since the introduction to Attributes and also support for Matrix in GN, my approach could be achieve fairly easily in GN… feel free to give it a try. I will eventually but I don’t know when!


Thank you for not giving up on this.

Unfortunately, patch review at the moment is in crisis mode and volunteers are calling it quits because they can’t even get an acknowledgement that their work has been looked at, and here I thought this forum was actually supposed to help with developer onboarding.

All we can do is continually bump this thread until the core team gets tired of reading it and finally does something about the patch backlog.

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That’s not the takeaway I have here. Spamming the forum isn’t really going to get anything done. I actually tried this recently: WIP: Geometry Nodes: Curve to mesh “Angle Scale” option. But I couldn’t quite work out the math to resolve extra twisting.

The best way for anyone to contribute would be to figure out the math or do some testing or experimentation with the PR above, an approach that respects the new possibility of custom normals on curves and keeps it separate from the profile meshing.