Curve primitive "star" minimum spikes 4, not 3?

Hi, this is my first time using this forum, so please forgive me if this isn’t the right way or place to mention this. I tried to contact guitargeek (⚙ D11653 Geometry Nodes: Curve Primitive Star), but i guess from a closed differential that’s not possible?
Anyway, i noticed that the curve primitive “star” has as lowest number of spikes 4 of them. In my country they build cars with a star as branding that has only 3 spikes. So i am sure there are 3-spike-stars in our universe. Is it possible to represent this behaviour of our universe inside blender as well?

Thanks! : )

9182c882fe2a: Geometry Nodes: Allow 3 points in curve star primitive

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Technically all stars (we know of) are round in the universe , the spikes are a side effect of poor optic qualities in human eyeballs and/or imaging equipment :slight_smile:

Quantummechanics say there are even cubic stars - they just don’t exist long enough for us to look at them :slight_smile:

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