Curve Deform options should be under the "Curve modifier"

It’s more of a design logic.

Users when using “Curve modifier” on a mesh, pick up the target curve, then if the mesh to be deformed is not long enough, he/she would want to stretch to the curve length who would have to go the curve object properties to turn on the option then make the mesh object active to further tweak…The same operations above user would repeat when he/she wants to change the options of “radius” “bounds clamp”.

Morevoer, the current behavior that these 3 options (radius, stretch, bounds clamp) are tied to the curve object, what if we want the reuse the same curve for deforming several objects that varies on these 3 options?

Thus, I highly suggest that we put those 3 options “radius, stretch, bounds clamp” under the “Curve modifier” to decouple as well as improving usability.

I agree, I’ve been confused about this before. Currently we’re developing a new curves data type, and the replacement for the curve modifier will be some sort of “Curve Deform” node, which would have all of its settings self-contained.

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