Cursor disappears in texture paint workspace


Can you tell me where my cursor is in this picture?

How long did it take you to find it?


The cursor should always be inverted compared to its background.

Also, Texture Paint workspace should not override the viewport rendering. Regardless of if I chose solid, lookdev or rendered, I get an all white blob with zero shading. I have no idea what I’m painting on!

The “face selection masking for painting” button seems broken as well, because I thought it was a wireframe mode that would at least let me see something, but no. With that button enabled, you can’t interact with the model at all in any way. No painting, no selection.

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I agree about the cursor

That is probably just the overlay. It overlays an unlit/shadeless version of whatever texture you have selected. You can disable it with the slider and see the shading/material modes.


Face Select mode is a type of masking. You enable it and then can select the faces you want to paint on using selection tools.

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The cursors aren’t aware of the background color and can only have parts that are white, black, or transparent. But usually they are a shape that is white with black outline so are visible on anything. In your capture I really can’t see it at all. Exactly which cursor is selected then?

We have a new major problem related to cursors

Doesn’t seem very “major” as cursors are pretty easy to edit and William says he’s on it.

It would be nice to get brushes to do the inverse thing a lot of painting applications do. I don’t know what kind of overhead something like that has, though.

Krita for example:

Edit: Actually I think that is what you guys were talking about. Never mind me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The sculpting and painting modes are pretty much unworkable at this point, so yeah, major issue.
Imo, that commit should be reverted until a proper icon is made.

But what I’m saying is that it is quicker to fix it than to revert it. A bunch of us been talking about this for the last few hours and William might have a replacement cursor committed today.

Alright, let’s wait then… I had to downgrade blender because of this. :weary:

I think, we can’t downgrade blender by just saying something. Blender is popular among its community…:slightly_smiling_face:

No idea what you mean… I just said that I’m forced to use an older version of blender because of this problem…

The cursor bikeshedding on “” continues. Hopefully will be resolved soon.

Really? I don’t get it.
Why is even necessary to have a dicussion about it? Everyone knows how a crosshair cursor should look like and how it should be made.

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Then my solution to that papercut would be to have the Texture Paint Opacity slider set to 0.5 as default in Blender.

It’s completely unusable when set to 1.0 if you start with a blank texture.