Current 2.8 User preferences window isn't as user friendly as it was before

In 2.8, the independent User Prefs window takes the focus away from the main blender window. This means hovering over an area you’re setting a hotkey for doesn’t work - you have to alt-tab back and forth. The User Prefs window can also obscure UI elements when tweaking a theme.

The way 2.7x is set up, users can either open User Prefs as a separate window (for those accustomed to ‘Main Stream’ apps), but it can also be placed in an area where it integrates nicely when customizing.

Will user prefs be back as an area type?

Also, that means I can’t upload my ‘Customization Workspace’ for 2.8 since the User Preferences area is the main part in this layout. :frowning:


i can see why preferences is not an editor any more in the new 2.8, but i like it more as an editor, it is really handy to set up own blender or to record videos.
I used to explain blender as a single window that could be turn in to anything from info to timeline now its getting a bit more complicated, i do consider more versatile having the user preferences the same style as 2.7x not as a separete window(no choice) like the “standards”

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Yep I want to have it back into the editor also, rather then it’s own window, keep going to do it then realize, oh that’s right lol.

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A way you can (currently) get around this is to save a .blend in 2.7X then open in 2.8X.
And if it’s allowed to stay in the Main window then there’s no reason why you can’t use it as apart of your workflow.

But yeah… I’d love to have the option back.

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Thanks for mentioning that. Also, once you’ve brought in to 2.8 from 2.7, it looks like you can save it as a Workspace in the startup.

Yes, i wonder why they made user preferences in form of a separate window, it’s uncomfortable to use because it easily looses focus when you click on the viewport. I wish it will return in form of an editor like it was in b 2.79.

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Hey looks like we can put user prefs back in the main window - Just like old times… :slight_smile:

I was going to edit the first post to reflect this, but I can’t seem to. Not sure if it matters.

Totally agreed, every window must be an editor, as convention, otherwise it could end up with messed code or more editors removed.

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Indeed :

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