Cryptomatte in Photoshop Issue - EXR-IO Plugin

Hi everyone,

Couple of months ago Igor Posavec (One of the developers of Exr-IO plugin for Photoshop) created a topic at Blenderartist forum:

He mentions there:

One thing that remains is Cryptomatte. Exr-IO can now read and use all Cryptomatte masks in Photoshop - a new way how to edit the artworks. But i don’t get it in Blender.
Blender does not write Cryptomatte in the file data structure. It do CM calculations, but it spills it out as image pixeles. You can pipe it in the output channels, but exactly at that moment the whole Cryptomatte concept goes wrong - it produces image and not data. Cryptomatte passes are not only pixels, they need to be stored in a different way. Different from Arnold, Vray, Lightwave (and so on), loading Blender Cryptomatte channels in Exr-IO, in Fusion or in Nuke shows … nothing - at least nothing you can work with.)
I hope some of you professionals here have good connections to developers. One should just ask them to shift Crypomatte from image into data blocks and everything will work perfect (it is there, but on the wrong place)

So, does he have a good point? Can anything be done on Blender side in this regard? That would be amazing to be able to use Cryptomatte in Photoshop.

Thanks in advance.