Could be possible to have a render mode that unloads the full blender scene from memory?

The thing is that when you have a BIG scene, just having the scene in memory can take away A LOT of RAM, for my current scene, just the scene takes around 30Gb right now, and rnedering it makes my computer go over it’s ram amount, wich is 64Gb.
So for this type of situation a simple checker that may allow Blender to fully unload the scene when goes to render could be very useful, it could be slower to go back to the scene after the render, but it will allow to render much bigger scenes without having to suffer for the memory so much.

And I think this should be a mode because we may not want this at any time, it may have it’s drawbacks, like more time to go back to work to the UI and other possible caveats I don’t think about right now, but it would be a tremenduous help to work with big scenes.


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