Could be posible to enable edit mode for anotations?

Last night I was preparing a demo video in 2.8 and add some anotations in the image view editor and the thing was that it was extreamly easy write once in 2.7 and copy all around or add notes in the screen and move them to a corner if needed, so could it be edit mode enable for anotations? not all the features of the old grease pencil, GP has its place with objects and all its features, for annotations just enable the possibility to select and transform for ease of editing.


note aside, i notice in some of my blends that if I saved in 2.7 in grease pencil mode and open in 2.8 it actually appears as an anotations in edit mode, i cant select with the mouse but A works and enables transformations, its a weird hack but its seem to be still there just not at hand for the users.

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really, there is no need for sculpt or thickens or opacity per line, that its what grease pencil its for, but i draw that silhouette nothing fancy and i wanted to move a bit forward no need to all the fancy stuff just the basics rot trans escale, copy paste.
Is it require to draw it again? it is a quick doodle but a it takes a bit of time just need to move it.
Adding a grease pencil object would be well slower and a overkill for what im doing.