Correct / Update UVs when editing mesh

I have posted this in RightClickSelect as a feature request but am posting it here as well, to try and get some more functionality in the UV tools, particularly in the area of updating UVs after editing UV unwrapped geometry.

After posting a few questions on Blender Artists it seems the only tool in Blender for updating UVs, for a mesh that has been edited, is a feature in the Edge Slide operation called Correct UVs.

The option to update or correct UVs when a mesh has been edited also doesn’t exist in the Magic UV add-on that comes with Blender, nor does this feature come with other add-ons like UV Toolkit or TexTools.

Can this feature be developed further for a few of the other Blender mesh editing and transform tools?

This feature would useful when -

• transforming (moving vertex) mesh data
• adding mesh data through operations like extruding
• adding mesh data when slicing geometry