Constant space when changing Toolbar size

I think it would be a good idea that the left space remains constant and aligned when you change the Toolbar’s size. And the top space as well. Blend28_PCut_002

It already doesn’t change. The distance is constant.

Hi, I’m talking about of the “A” distance in the screenshot, I’ve downloaded “blender-2.80-3dc9da3a74ee-win64” , as you can see in the image when you resize the toolbar using Ctrl+MMB, the space between the toolbar an the left edge of the screen is not constant and not aligned to the left side of the editor type drop down menu. I think it would be good if “A” remains constant.

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To better make your case, just mock it up at those two sizes with the padding you like. But also think about what should be done with vertical padding between button and groups. It will only make sense, or not, when you illustrate the entire thing.

Hi, this is my proposal…