Compositor Cache

I’m curious about the development of the Compositor. I recently read a proposal written in 2014:

" Cache Node
For a lot of VFX compositing you cannot only composite for 1 frame, you have to see it in motion. Rendering out final sequences is a bit tedious and not an ideal solution. Therefore it would be great to have some kind of cache for playback. Something that might be rather doable would be to have a cache node."

Is there an effort to achive compositing cache or something like that for 2.8?

This is not being worked on as far as I know.

It seems there is some kind of caching in Movie Clip Editor. Is it possible to use that solution for the compositor as well?

It’s possible to reuse some of that code.

Anyway, for feature suggestions please use, this forum is mainly for developers to ask questions or gather feedback, not for users to make suggestions for new functionality.

Hi Brecht,

I’m very interested in helping with the Blender compositor. I wanted to know who is involved in development of the compositor in Blender to reach out to offer any help.

I’m skilled in Python image editing, (OpenCV, PIL, numpy, scipy). I work with machine learning and image processing tasks professionally. I’d like to get involved in development, design, or documentation if I there is room for me to help. I use a lot of open source in my work, and I’d like to help out.


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Maybe you can help Richard Antalik (ISS) out with his cache patch for the Video Sequence Editor?

There is a “hack” I made earlier. It’s still working on 2.8 with a new scene, which I will update after final release of 2.8 or sometime soon. May be this can give some pointers:

Addon Update and Tutorial: Blender 2.8 Compositor Disc Cache

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I have an addon for this: