Colour coding 'icons' for blender

I have just started to learn blender and enjoying the experience and hope to be able to move my career in this direction in the near future.

One thing I have experienced is the seeming complexity of blender as a barrier to learning. One area of the gui that seems to be more intuitive is the x, y, z axes. I like the way they are colour co-ordinated. This could be continued into the β€˜n’ menu with the individual x,y,z boxes in the location, rotation and scale sections colour coordinated in the same way. Similarly the grab/move, scale and rotation β€˜icon’, hotkeys, and β€˜n’ menu sections could be colour co-ordinated to make linkages between different areas more intuitive. This could be something that coud be switched on/off eg for learners? Perhaps when moving the mouse across the individual x,y, z boxes they could be highlighted in the colour of the appropriate axes eg red, green blue or mousing across the grab, rotate, scale could highlight other related areas in the screen. It might be useful for learners to see how they relate.

The risk could be creating a interface that has an overwhelming range colours but focusing on linking the main functions across the gui would be helpful.

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