Color Ramp Access


I have a suggestion for the Shader Editor. When you want to add a new Color Ramp by opening the add:search and typing “ra” that the Color Ramp node appear in the list without having to scroll. Right now it is just after the box height, requiring a scroll.

Typing “RAM” is enough to push it up into a visible position, but that requires I look over at the keyboard or use my right hand to hit the M, which is not optimal. Sometimes I’ll get the M with my left hand by just making an approximate guess, but I often miss and that has the biggest consequences because now I have to either undo or backspace that bad character and then sometimes I try and approximate the ctrl+z with my left hand to have to look down and I accidentally end up hitting an X or an A instead, or if I approximate a backspace I hit a \ or whatever.

I understand it’s not a big problem, and altering the placement of elements in a search like that may not be easily accomplished or that expanding the box height might have consequences elsewhere. But, this is a very common occurrence for me so I thought I would bring it up.

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Quick solution: Instead of ‘ra’, type ‘rra’! ColorRamp will then be your first option.