Color picker issue

Not entirely sure how I didn’t notice this until now but is this a known issue? Nevermind the GIF quality and the colorwheel is just about how the saturation and hue fluctuates.


EDIT: Still happening in latest version.

This may be an issue with theme colors, some numerical drift due to storing colors in 8bit. It probably does not affect colors in other places in Blender, so quite low priority to fix.

Well it just makes it harder to create a theme specially now that Blender is requesting Themes from the community. Maybe is slightly more important now than in a week time. But I understand there are tons of other more important stuff.

I’m currently doing a refactor and UI/UX revamp to the color picker, and while testing I noticed this happens a lot. Ideally the values should change only from changes occurring in the given input method (e.g. color slider, color picker square/circle, or numerical input/slider), rather than using the HSL value and going through the (lossy) process of a conversion between RGB, HSV, and/or HSL. Hopefully somebody can take this on in the future, but for now I am making sure to at least not add any bugs to the slightly imperfect situation here.

That’s great to hear.