Collections & Selection of Objects - Select Parent Collection & Locate in Outliner

I work with very high number of unique objects, organized into multiple level collections.
It becomes increasingly difficult to select the complete collection just by selecting a Object in a Collection. Similar to groups of Blender 2.79

I am forced to select the complete collection from Outliner, by clicking over it, then right clicking and selecting option ‘Select Objects’.
This becomes 3 clicks and to do that, first, I have to find particular collection in which the objects is located.

This method is functional but tedious.

Or, I can use the Shift+G command to select collection of object.

The issue with this command is, pressing Shift+G multiple times doesn’t select any Collections; parent Collections and above.

Clicking Shift+G should have select objects and their parent collection in this order.
e.g. Object>Collection(level-02)>Collection(level-01)>Collection(level-00)>Scene Collection

My suggestion it to add two additional commands in the ‘Object Context Menu’ of the object.
i.e. 1. Select Parent Collection & 2. Locate in Outliner

“‘Select Parent Collection’ will select Object>Collection(level-02)>Collection(level-01)>Collection(level-00)>Scene Collection”

‘Locate in Outliner’ will highlight the locations/collection object belongs to.”


This is not quite what you want, but it may help - you can use the ‘.’ key in the outliner to centre the active object in the outliner, if it’s inside a collection then the collection will be opened.

I am looking for functionality Locate in Outliner, is there any update on this? maybe some workarounds.