Collections per views


On 2.79 we can see a layer per view, this is really useful.

On 2.8 it seems not to be possible.

Is there a way to add it?


This is really important!!

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This is essentially Local View, which is not implemented yet.


now with collections and view layers, why not move the view layer menu (in right upper corner) to 3d view, and when you create a new “3D View/area” you can select what view layer showing per area.

In the outliner add a buttom “add a new collections” when you select “Scenes”, for always can view the view layers and manage all collections

Basicly, move the funcionality when you select “View layer” in the outliner, to “Scenes” plus the buttom “add a new collection”, and with this, us has similar workflow and always can manage view layers and collections

this could be a solution

Pablo, do you know when Local View will be implemented?
And second question is that the “G” key for translation is not natively implemented in Blender 2.80 key map.

I don’t know exactly when it will be back, but it is planned to be added back in 2.80 or maybe 2.81.

The software is so cumbersome to use with large scenes without Local View or some other way to isolate single objects. It’s easy to hide everything but the selected object, the issue is when unhiding, it is all or nothing. This means you have to manually unhide the objects you want one at a time after isolating the object you’re wanting to focus on.

I’m going to say that local view is an absolute necessity for 2.8. There are a lot of people wanting to switch to blender (or more accurately switch from Autodesk software) and if 2.8 doesn’t have the basics of working with scenes in place, I think you guys will lose a lot of potential new users.


I just saw Pablo said about local view (which isolate current selected object from 3d view) Numpad" /"
in redent “blender today,” .(of course it must need options, then thanks developers return it for 2.8)

But what we still need is “Local layer” (with per view layer) and “Local camera” for each 3d view window.

though I sometimes felt difficulity to serch items, whichj shown in different local views with outliner in 2.7,
because it not work for each 3d view with “local layer”. but just show all or active layers which not local.
I hoped if there was option, which only show items of current Active 3d view with local layer.

I think 2.8 enhanced by collection but working in many assets scene, individual “3d local view with local camera” which only show user choiced with individual camera setting, must need. At current 2.8 even though we use collecitons, it seems same as “group” in outliner I feel.