Collections are confusing


Now that I am starting to use 2.8 as primary Blender version, I am getting into some daily bread and butter issues. First one is that groups have now been replaced with collections, and that’s fine. What confuses me though, is that when I press Ctrl+G to create a new collection (group) the object becomes part of a new collection, but this collection is not visible in the outliner.

This introduces very confusing concept where some collections are visible in outliner, and others are not. On top of that, it’s absolutely unclear to end user what needs to be done to make that collection appear in the outliner once it’s been created. There is yet another disparity between collections created in the outliner and in the viewport using Ctrl+G. And lastly, this confusion results to creation of many garbage collections, which if you then attempt to clean up, it’s super easy to accidentally delete the objects present in those collections.

Big confusion + large room for error.

I think that it´s not clear that, at least as I see it, there are different types of collections, and the fact that all of them are called collections is not helping.

Becuase there are view layers, that show view collections, there are collections that are treated as groups, and I thinkg there is another type more related to Rendering different layers, I think that right now is hard to uderstand all the system behind collections.

There should be a difference between view layers for the outliner and scene organization, render layers, and collections as groups, because you may want to organize the scene in a specific way to work in a more comfortable way, and you may also want a different collection organization for rendering.


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