Collections and visibility

  1. Create 6 boxes in a row.
  2. Add three boxes on the left to the ‘left’ collection
  3. Add three boxes on the right to the ‘right’ collection
  4. Add the two boxes in the middle to the ‘middle’ collection
  5. Toggle the visibility of the collections in this order: ‘right’, ‘middle’, ‘right’
  6. All collections are now indicated as visible. But one of the boxes is missing.


If the visibility indicators are unreliable, this will inevitably be a source of major pain for users.

Please either alter the visibility behavior so that this doesn’t happen, or add a third ‘partially visible’ indicator.

Also, it used to be super easy to move an object to multiple layers just by pressing shift in the m-key menu. Now you have to mess with the properties editor. Please fix.

Also, in the 3d view there used to be an indicator that was on screen at all times that indicated which layers the active object belonged to. This is also broken now, you have to click the drop-down to see it. If you have several objects to check, you have to keep clicking back and forth between the objects and the drop-down. There’s no way to pin the drop-down. Please also fix this regression.

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