Collection boolean modifiers magically disappearing in my blend files

Posting this here as Im suspecting a potential design flaw or bug in recent Blender versions related to the collection bool modifier.

So Ive run into this issue twice now in 2 major blend files (files that I put over 10 hours into each) where all my collection modifiers just randomly disappears, the first time I literally just abandoned the entire project because my modifier stacks was just too complex to patch back up (close to a houndred objects with many modifiers on).

Essentially the collection boolean modifiers (seemingly exclusively, no other modifiers like booleans using objects as cutters rather than collections seem fine), just randomly disappeares!

Posting my full log here from the last time it occured:

What stands out (other than a bunch of addons yelling):

Dependency cycle detected:
  OBPlane.066/Geometry Component/GEOMETRY_EVAL() depends on
  GRtest/Geometry Component/GEOMETRY_EVAL_DONE() via 'Nodes Modifier'
  OBPlane.066/Geometry Component/GEOMETRY_EVAL() via 'Collection Geometry'
Detected 1 dependency cycles

Is this a message thats generated by an addon or is this something Blender is omitting?

Why does this happen? Im 100% sure I dont have any dependency cycles in style with that I have 2 objects cutting eachother (making it difficult to decide which to cut which first) for all of my collection modifiers, because it literally removes every single one of them.


Can I salvage the damage that has been done somehow? I was too quick to save my file myltiple times before even seeing that my cutters was missing