Collecting Ideas Related To Blender's 2.8 Keymap (Preferences)

Not sure, if something related to this is already posted. If anyone know guide me.

I think, Keymap is very important for general users. Every person belongs to different background like 3d-Max & so on. So in this area more & more improvements needed to be done.

It is important in this way that here user can change keys, view and add new key combination as he like, even import & export.


Here we are collecting new ideas, improvement, bugs and some thing related to this.

Please! Freely add your suggesting or improve previous. Read previous messages before your, so that we can eliminate duplicate suggestions. thanks…

I think, popular software’s keymap should be added in Blender’s keymap. Like 3d-Max, Maya, Cinema 4d & so on. Blender’s 2.8 is more closed to popular software like 3d-Max.
In Blender’s 2.7, there was options for 3d Max & Maya, as show:
Currently Blender’s 2.8 looks like this:

More option should be added for searching keymap, as keymap is extending day-by-day, like by category (outliner, 3d view etc.). At a time multiple searching could be implemented like first search by category & then by name.
Currently it looks like this:

I think, option that’s irrelevant users must be removed from fronted. These are wasting a lot of space & unnecessary. as i mentioned:

Or at lease option could be added to see developer setting options.