Collapsible frame nodes

What do people think about this idea?

To make node graphs more readable, frames could be collapsible. When the frame is collapsed, all wires in and out of the frame are reduced to a maximum of one wire per external node (even if each node has 5 wired up inputs for example)

This will let you just see the title of the frame and know which nodes it’s influencing (out wires), and which nodes are affecting it (in wires).

I think it’s a good idea, because you don’t really need to see every single wire unless you currently hooking up those nodes, or during troubleshooting, in which case you could just re-expand the frame.

The added beauty of this is that if you have 10 nodes in one frame leading to 10 nodes in another frame, collapsing both frames will leave you with 1 wire and two headers telling you what operation each frame is carrying out.