Code quality project - Q2 2024

Hello everyone, as part of the planning for this second quarter, we’d like to do a project focused on code quality: that is, tackling more bug reports, some legacy or backlog issues.

This was presented to the internal dev team in April and should be possible as a few people will be done with their current projects (hooray!).

Thus, we need each module to work on a plan:

  • which bug reports should be prioritized. Are there any that require more work/attention?
    • Check on old reports too. Things that are in the tracker for 2+, 5+ years etc. Maybe some things have been fixed already or other code changes make it easier to fix now?
  • are there areas of the code with many bug reports? This should be prioritized.
  • anything that has been postponed for a while? a dream refactor?
  • how good is the test coverage? Are there (enough) tests? Do you have a workflow of adding tests alongside fixes?
  • who can participate: it would be great to have every contributors’ support, of course!

If you want help to pick priorities, please reach out to Sergey. Also, the triaging team may have some pointers :wink:


  • plan for end of May, so other developers can review each others’ plans
  • work on this quality project in June

How to share plan:

  • add ideas here
  • or write a reply in this thread about the plan and add the link to the document

Let me know if you have any question!


That sounds awesome. I am really looking forward to a more bug-free Blender <3

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