Clone on Curve (curve with multiple segments ) doesn't exist in Blender

Hi guys, i need to create multiple objects in larges scenes on paths imported from Autocad (Urban design and architecture)

This is what i need:


In boths methods i can add an object on a curve (curve with multiple segments that are not connected to each other) in Blender this isn’t possible since it takes only one of the linked segments but not the ones that don’t connect to this first

I’m pretty sure that in both videos the curves are separate objects. It is not possible to join curves that don’t have their ends within document tolerance.

That said it would probably be useful if all segments of a curve in Blender were used in the Array modifier when picked.

Until then you’ll probably have to separate the curve segments (edit mode, P) and duplicate the object you need to array over those curves.

Hi Jester but i use 3D Max too, and i have used both methods.

I tell you, I work in architecture and urban design:
I am working on urban designs of 4 sections each with sub-sections, for example, section 1 has 5 sub-sections and each sub-section is approximately 2km. That is why doing that by hand to separate segments and make the array and re-join them is a process of hours. In 3D Max it is a few seconds.

I know that Blender cannot do it that way, but what I really want is a way to get developers to keep this in mind, and that there is a possibility that they will include it in the future as an addon to activate or similar.

I really would like to switch to blender, but in architecture there are some tools missing (two that I have in mind and are very important).

Thanks Jester

My point was more that the tool understand using several objects in one tool. Most likely the tool attaches custom user data to the different curve objects that hold the settings for that tool. It is really the tool that understands it.

It sure would be great to have the array modifier understand the separate segments in one curve object in Blender.

But I think that one could write a tool that does something similar for a selection of objects.


Do you know where I could learn to program in Blender 2.8?
i would like to try it

You can learn that right here as well. With dev questions you can ask in #blender and #blender:building-blender , There is more information also on our wiki at , see the sections and to get started,

For this particular issue you may want to peruse the code of the Array modifier and see if you can get it to work with multiple segments. Here is a starting point regarding the array modifier:

Really thank you very much, that information will be very useful.

A good day Jester