Clicks not always registering

This is something very frequent, sometimes clicking on an icon (like changing tools in sculpting mode using the left side bar) doesn’t always work, that is, I click on draw, do some stuff, then click on smooth and do some strokes only to discover the program ignored my last click on the smooth tool so I end up drawing more so I have to undo one or more steps, this can happen while in some other modes like doing some texture paint with the brush, then trying to switch to blur only to end up doing more brush strokes because the program refused to register my clicks, I thought it was a broken mouse at first but it only happens in Blender.

PS. Tried to search for the topic, nothing appeared, if this is already a reported issue then just point me in the right direction, thanks.

I know it’s late, but it happens to me since always, and I’m finally getting annoyed by it. Did you find any fix?