Class A curvatures

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First of all please excuse me, my English is not that good. For many years I used Solidworks software for industrial design, now after a few years using Blender (and I’m thankful and impressed with a lot of features in blender) I’m really missing some CAD features/workflow for surfaces and hard-surface modeling. So, I think it would be a great idea if Blender invest in integrating CAD-Nurb/parametric workflow or some new kind of hybrid between Alias and blender. It would be great to be capable to make G3 curvatures in blender and have more control in lofts and bevels, to see advanced settings in bridge edges and grid fills. Class A curvatures is a standard in good quality Industrial Design… That’s the main reason why I´m writing all this. If there is no such a tool/addon in today’s blender filling that purpose, then at least it would be nice to know whether blender is planning to go in that direction or not, it makes sense. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, in Blender we have tried several times to upgrade Nurbs, from the earliest times when Nurbana was developed up to the most recent Nurbs GSoc project in 2014, recently revived in 2020 but interrupted, lack of reviewer, between these two projects we there have been many attempts that have never changed anything and also a fundraiser that has not helped anything, the Nurbs have never changed since the release of Blender.

Ton has said several times that this is not a CAD program and for this there are already other applications, including FreeCAD, even if FreeCAD, although useful, is not a Nurbs modeler usable today.

What you are also asking is a truly advanced level of programming that for now only a few software have with NX IcemSurf and Alias ​​not even Rhinoceros has advanced tools for G3 curvatures and surface control methods.

For now I suggest you make a proposal on the RightClickSelect website as written in the banner above, and the best thing you can do now is to learn the subdivision surfaces well and use those as an alternative to Nurbs in Blender by creating basic models you can import them into CAD programs and modify the surfaces with these in a parametric way., this method is also used by high-level programs such as for NX Catia Alias etc… because it simplifies the design workflow, and many CAD programs have implemented recent, here you find a great tutorial on how make a Car with Blender, Master Car Creation in Blender
For help and discussions consult the forums such as Blender artist or other communities