Clamp OFF - What's the point? Auto-merge vertices toggle and threshold during operation please

Very often I want to bevel or inset past the clamp point but I don’t because the amount of work in fixing the issues that creates would be overwhelming. So I just make do with the space I have.

If there was an option to auto-merge the vertices with clamp off, possibly with a variable threshold it would be such a massive improvement and give so much more flexibility.

Please for the love of god.

What would you like to happen after two vertices collide and automerge if the bevel amount desired is greater? I think what you probably want is for the adjacent new edges to just continue moving away from their original edge, right?

I have long wanted to do something like this to Bevel, but it is quite hard. It is probably the next big challenge I will take for myself after finishing my Boolean rework.

If what you want is for the “clamp” to stop beveling edges when two verts collide yet have other edges in the bevel (that are not yet affected by the clamp) continue to bevel - well that is easier but still not completely easy. It does have the disadvantage that you end up with non-uniform widths of bevels when you are done.

Would it be feasible for the clamp to reduce the bevel weight of the edges on either side of the impacted verts, with a user-facing control for how far the weight reduction propagates? I wouldn’t want to replace the current uniform clamp with something like that, but it might work as one of multiple clamp methods.

I’d say that the main issue with uniform clamping is that it’s hard to debug, but that’s mostly a UX thing.

I found a similar feature to what I was looking for in an upcoming features for the mesh machine addon but apparently it’s not out yet though the video was posted a year ago. He’s saying after decal machine 2.2.

I think this shows it better than I could describe it - push the vertices away so you don’t get so much overlap and then you can fix it up a bit easier:

offset cut

Yes, doing that kind of “pushing away” is approximately what I hope to be able to do. Some day…