Character Setup

Hello all,

first of all my big thanks to developers for enormously robust and efficient API of Blender!
As the name of topic says I would like to discuss the ui/gui and tools for char. setup.

  1. bones: is it possible to see bones in wireframe mode? There is several cases when it is necessary(just one example: overlapping bones and their selection).

  2. weight painting: a. flooding the bone weight value
    b. replace bone value(setting absolute bone weight value)
    c. black and white colour feedback during weight painting
    d. possibility of permanent normalisation of weights(turnable ON or OFF based on user’s preference)

  3. direct connecting of attributes: common feature I cannot find in Blender 2.8. To do this with drivers
    way sounds a bit complicated and not so efficient.

    … I am native Maya user(old one, I am using Maya from its begginning in 1998) and I know very well that Maya is technically dead so I would like to move forward and get rid of Autodesk from my life. Still even that I have to say Maya is extremmely powerfull user interface wise and it has strict very rational ergonomic order and is very efficient to use. It maybe good inspiration for gui/ui. So if I can ask for these features it would be very appreciated.
    A top of it all I am sorry if anything mentioned exists in Blender 2.8 and I did not find it so do not blame me please. I am just beginner. :slight_smile:

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drivers are easy.
just right click on the property> add driver> configure it the way you want, with variable and math expressions.

Hi, thanks for response. The wireframe does not work for me. I see bones still in shaded mode when unchecking “shape” in the Armature Tab…

I guess there’s a shading bug here, I will report that later.

Just one last picky “problem” with attribute connections. It is clear and very good variation wise but is it possible without expressioning? The Driver technology itself is(maybe I am wrong???) or looks implicit so it is way of transmision of an attribute. From my point of view it is a bit heftier for calculation of the result then explicit connection of two attributes. I know that in the API it is not so easy and straightforward as it looks for the end user but for example in the comparison between Maya’s and Blender’s way of connecting there is very easy way in Maya how to do it: you really just connect the attribute explicitly based on out/ingoing datastream. Of course if you connect for example translate to rotate you need to convert units(Maya’s automaticly creates and set “unitConversion” node fit between these different type of attributes).
So at the end: maybe just tip for thinking of this kind of solution even the Driver way of managing transformations and many more features is very stable and rubust.
Maya’s way is very intuitive.

Thank you.