Changing transform gizmo with shortcuts

I don’t think that starting to move the object right after pressing a shortcut command to change the transform gizmo is a good idea, since the user needs to press another button to choose a direction. There might be users that are already used to it, but new users keep coming and they get frustrated with this. You should remove this feature, so we could move the object only at the click of a mouse instead.

Simple version of the writing: when I press G to go into move mode, the object already starts being moved, it would feel better if it the object would just stay in place and only be moved by the click of the mouse.
Same thing for S and R buttons

Some of us are begging for a preference to turn off the modal tools.
This would solve all those issues.
But unfortunately no answer.

I always wanted there to be a prefence to do this - some users will prefer to use the active tools this way. We tried to avoid needing it, by making use of the space bar to switching tools, but it’s still not as fast or nice as ressing keyboard shortcuts directly.

Some developers are against it, but I think it would be one of the most useful keymap preferences we could include.

It could also work for other tools, such as K for Knife tool and E for the Extrude tool, etc.

This is not true. You can move objects without limiting the movement to any axis.


I think this:
“space” must act as a switch, between modal and active tool
and shorts must be the same for both ways …
the only thing that changes is the “active” or “modal” mode

and this “space switch” is activated only in edit mode …

new users already have the active toolbar on the left to view all the active tools …
the space key need a more intense work use …
without that popup menu that appears every time you press space and that distracts continuously and that … bla bla bla dont panic 42 always bring the towel with you …