Change Between Workspaces Shortcuts in 2.8 (like CTRL+ < or > in 2.79)

In Blender 2.79 you can move between different workspaces quickly using CTRL+ < or >
Will that feature be added 2.8 also?

Is it possible to add this shortcut manually in 2.8 shortcut editor until it’s officially done - if yes, how to do it?


I actually loved that function …
it was so instinctive and quick, especially in the workflow … now it’s all slower to find the workspace, especially if hidden and go and click on it to highlight it …
I do not understand why it was decided to deprecate this function

Wonder if it’s disabled only for the development versions and if they would bring it back in 2.8 beta or final…
Is this the right forum to ask it to the developers or should I ask somewhere else?

Cycling through the workspaces is currently assigned to Ctrl + PageUp / PageDown;
Not very efficient if you asked me, but neither was the old one, since it also required two hands.

yeah ,should make it just PageUp / PageDown it’s much better.

I did not know it was replaced with pageup pagedown,
laptops and shortkeyboards do not have pageup and pagedown and even if you access with the fn key it becomes uncomfortable, can I at least change manually?

How about Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Wheel? That would not require both hands on the Keyboard.

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I think that a good Idea.
I feel Ctrl + < or > is a better shortcut than Ctrl+ Page up/down as < or > are easier to access.