Cell fracture on 2.8?

Hello, maybe this topic it will be in the wrong place, but what is happen with cell fracture in 2.8 version? i searched on all internet but only version which works is 2.79.
I founded one version here https://github.com/squarednob/fracture_cell
But when i want to install in blender 2.8, it doesn’t appear the standard installation of any addons, it’s appears only “The modules has been installed”, but when search in menu, doesn’t appear nothings, maybe i must to stay a little bit more time to release the stable version of 2.8 to see cell fracture in, or it is a problem from me?
Have a nice day.

Discussion is available, here.

It looks like Nobuyuki Hirakata and Brendon Murphy are taking care of the addon and will make it work into 2.80.
It should be available under testing category.

The addon have problems due to replacement of layers by collections.
It does not seem to be more reliable than in 2.79. So if mesh geometry is too simple, it should not give a great result.

Continuing this addon is not an obvious thing. There is a powerful Fracture-modifier branch.
And it is a target for 2.8 series to integrate fracture modifier.