Can't use UDIMs in Blender 2.81

Hello devs, I’ve just finished UVing a truck I’m working on, and I can’t seem to find a way to use UDIMs. I watched a video on YouTube where a guy only had to check a tile box to be able to use it. I can’t do the same on my build. It’s the build from this morning, so I’m a little confused. Has there been a change I’m not aware of? Please help.

UDIMs are not officially available yet.

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So the guy from the tutorial was using an add-on? It’s supposed to be available in these experimental builds, right? I just want to make this asset. Is there any workaround for getting UDIMs since I really need them now?

we don’t know what tutorial you’re talking about, so we can’t really answer any questions about it. have you tried asking the person who made it? Blender is open source and people can make builds themselves with their own features.

Not without writing code (or finding some that someone has written), no.