Can't see extrude manifold in the "face" menu

Hi, I am trying the latest Blender 2.90 and I can’t see the new extrude manifold in the top menu with all the other extrude. Is it missing or maybe it has been placed somewhere else?

That’s quite a creation you have there.
At this point the extrude options should probably be in a sub-menu there.

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It is under the Mesh menu.

I don’t have it. Is this something new that was added yesterday ? I downloaded 2.9 two days ago.

Ok I’ve tried it for half an hour and in most cases the tool doesn’t work as expected.

I am comparing it with the addon destructive extrude (which is also free and was released for 2.7)

Here is the video Destructive Extrude

At the moment the tool makes the polygons flicker when extruding, it doesn’t make holes in the geometry even when edges and vertices are aligned

it doesn’t extrude along the normals when having multiple polygons selected

…and it doesn’t work when the polygons are not aligned to the axis.

So my questions are, if it’s not ready why are we including it in the 2.90 release ? and why developers did’t pay the guy who developed that addon so he could integrate it into blender?

Bcuz ⚙ D5336 Destructive Extrude Operator :stuck_out_tongue: