Can we have Shift + R back?

Most part of my workflow is based on:
W>subdivide>Shift-R>Shift-R>Shift-R and
Extrude>Shift-R>Shift-R and

For me its a pretty important shortcut for workflow speed, It cant be removed.
I expect many people like use this operator repetitively quite a lot too since it literary means “Repeat”.

Here is a sneak peek of my workflow, it might be a bit exaggerated but its basically how I do work.


You can totally have it right now.
Go to the “Edit” menu. Find the “Repeat Last” command and right-click on it.
Select “Add short-cut” if you have none associated with it or “Change short-cut” if you have something else associated with it.
When prompted to “Press a key” just press Shift + R, and voila !
Shift+R your way around your workflow with no problems.
:wink: let me know if it works for you.

Its about having the same efficiency for new users,

I would never learned to use Shift+R if this shortcut never existed.

Shift R is very efficient for modeling. I’m not sure if you’ll use it at all while shading, for instance. I read somewhere that the developers are trying to free up the keymap a bit so users can customize it to their particular workflows, I think that’s a noble goal as long as they made it easy for new users to customize their experience.

My point is that I dont want shift+r as a hidden feature, its too usefull, should be teached to new users.

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Although the cleaning of hotkeys is fine, I think that some like Shift+R should be respected because they are the way for new users to learn the good workflow because few will consider putting a hotkey to such a feature and the advantages it brings.


Also hopes Cltr+Select will stop breaking last stored Shift+R operator with… nothing?

@1D_Inc: try, repeat history (F3 in 2.79), let you select any operator with its options activated before, at least until a undo action.

It seems you didn’t got it)
There is NO need to write “pick shortest path” to history.
Shift+R is the way to reduce operations count to achieve goal, it supposed to bring comfortable speedup.
Pressing F3, searching appropriate menu item and selecting it is not the way we can call “comfortable speedup”.

I totally agree with @1D_Inc and @anon18120698 . “Repeat Last” was probably THE function in blender that benefited most from a shortcut. It’s a function that you sometimes want to repeat more than 10 times in a row. Without a shortcut, you need to open it in a menu and click it 10 times, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Old blender: needed a row of 10 identical objects? You duplicated the object once and pressed Shift + R 8 times. Easy.

You can’t do that anymore without a customized keymap…

Shift+R has been brought back a while ago.


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