Can color wheel of texture painting be better?

I have to say, that the new UI in 2.8 makes texture painting more enjoyable and accessible, the only problem is the color wheel, which has been an issue for me for the longest time.

Can you please use a triangular color wheel? I’m not sure how much work it would be code-wise, but to me it would be a change that would make color picking much more enjoyable.

<-Something like this.
Although this feedback forum is directed more towards bugs, I just had to throw this “idea” out there, although not a bug, but rather an improvement.

Or is there a specific reason for the current color wheel?

Comment, and let me know what do you think :slight_smile:

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You can select a few different version under User Preferences > System. SV + H splits the parameters in the same way, though in a different shape.

Oh thanks, that helps a bit :slight_smile: