Camera Fly mode: why "Shift+F" was better than "Shift+~"

Hi guys,

first of all, I am not against changing the shortcut. Yes, I loved how the camera walk/fly navigation was activated and I’m used to it. Yet I am not sure if the new solution is a good one. Maybe there are better solutions that work for everybody, I’m no UX guy so I let you decide on this.

To the problem:
on german (and probably other layouts) keyboards, there is no single key for tilde, for me it is always Ctrl+Alt+* to type a tilde sign, and that of course doesn’t work for the shortcut. Changing my layout from german to english and back just to use that one command is annoying and can’t really be the solution.

Thanks for checking in and your hard work. Can’t wait to see 2.8 when it is done! :slight_smile:


on my Italian keyboard I have no idea of where the tilde key is,it does not exist visually, I tried to change the shortcut but I can not find the walk or fly function in preferences :joy:

You cold add an english keyboard layout to your windows (if you are using Windows) and switch from your italian layout to the english layout by pressing Shift+Alt. For me, left next to the windows clock there’s three letters. “DEU” for german, and when I switch “ENG” for english. In the english Layout Tilde is the key left from the number 1, directly under “Esc”. :slight_smile:

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If I remember correctly it is planned to have any key left of the 1 to work as if it was the tilde (for us it would be " \ " ), this should already work in linux but not yet in windows.

I tried with " \ ", but it does not work because the blender is looking for the tillde symbol not the position of the key

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That’d be an acceptable solution, too. :slight_smile:

not on notebooks, that hides localview

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I use Shift+C shortcut for 2.79.
Because F shortcuts is all about modeling.

Thinking of relevancy is the right way.
That’s making shortcuts convenient.
Just like V for collapsing verts and alt+V for riping them.

Thanks, this also worked on my German QWERTZ Keyboard

Fix this devs. It’s been an issue for a while. This should be addressed before 2.80 leaves beta or there will be mass confusion.

Shift + F on the Spanish keyboard can be pressed with only one hand, while shift + ~ you need to release the mouse and use both hands. So I think shift + F is a better option.


To set the old shortcut you need to change the " view navigation " input. You can find it under user preference > Input > 3D view

hope this will help

Yes shift +f (like fly) was really much better.