Camera DOF issue

Hello there everybody,

I am a long term user of Blender now and being a photographer I have a VERY big issue with how DOF works in blender. Specially with Cycles.

I really tried to get realistic behavior of DOF in terms of blurring backgrounds or objects in the distance, but they are all much too sharp. But when I use unrealistic settings like 0.4 aperture, they get blurred but my object itself is much too blurred in the foreground too.

I am no programmer, so I am not able to give you any kind of feedback in this term, but the way DOF works right now really breaks any kind of realism for me. I’ve also looked up many tutorials to see if I just use it wrong, but I was not able to find a solution there too.

Can you guys explain how it works and maybe make it work better in the future?

I might add some examples if I am able to upload images, which is not the case atm.

Thanks for your help and time,

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