Call for Content: Themes



Can we not just name the XSI theme something else a little more vague like suggested? It’s a great theme. I’ve barely used XSI, so I don’t know exactly how close the Blender’s interface looks once the theme is loaded, but it’s not like Blender is magically transformed into XSI and I don’t think users of 3ds Max or Modo are going to feel left out especially with a name change.

I think it would be a great nod to one of the most influential pieces of software made by one of the most influential companies in the industry…both dishonorably dissolved by a greedy giant. It’s also just a great looking theme.


I love the V01Tech Maya skin, it’s so nice to see the familiar color palette w Blender coming from Maya! Should be included with blender! :slight_smile:


I compared the themes posted here.



blue.xml (41.4 KB)



red.xml (41.4 KB)


I also thought about it. Addon that will simplify editing the topic. Thank you)