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Hey, anyone know if there is any way to change the color of the grid on the node editor?


Great job Felipe. It feels like home. Ah I miss when 3ds Max worked. It was a great program back then. The 1990s were great all around.


I think removing the xsi theme is a mistake. IMHO the best theme here.


So typical Friday night. I come home from work and continue doing what I was doing at work and mess around with 3d software. I thought I’d spend the evening trying out some of the themes from this thread.

MOST of the ones I’ve tried have made the text and background in the new left side tabs of the Preferences editor completely black and unreadable. The same with the text in the splash screen.


I’m really enjoying this theme, but if the active selection is black, your active vertex looks like it’s not selected at all if it weren’t for the edge gradient.

Edit: and with the active edge, it looks like there is no selection at all.

Amazing unless you’re in edit mode, though. I really like the blueprint look in some of the editors. The warm colors of the top bar balance out the cool colors of these editors and the active tools nicely.


Thank you. I’m glad that you liked it :slight_smile:


Fantastic XSI Theme !!! really impressed, instant donwloaded !! Tnx David you really make us happy here. I personal worked 20 years with Softimage, and i was also a certified trainer… i think i can cry now!! haha.
Hating Autodesk more and more, we really thank you a lot !!


I just created a small variation from the default theme, because when I think Blender, I think orange. Also tried to give a more flat look to the buttons and everything. What you think?



Updated Monday, January 7, 2019



I want to tell you something about our softimage beloved “Q” render region for Blender.
Nice reading this at 3 am.
I don’t know about how I made you cry. I’m sorry. :smiley: hahhah. all right, back to business. 2.8 beta is here so I can post the new XML file because at the moment the user prefs look ugly. I want to fix that since they have added new stuff on themes.
Awesome you had SI certification. I couldn’t ever contact Autodesk for a certification… those mmmmmffgg…
All right, back to sleepy here.


MOST of the ones I’ve tried have made the text and background in the new left side tabs of the Preferences editor completely black and unreadable. The same with the text in the splash screen.

The new Preferences editor (whose Preferences tab, by the way, is still called “User Preferences”) is now employing the Region Text and Navigation Bar Background options for the left bar. I set a purple color on every color option that I haven’t identified a function for, and it showed up there as soon as I updated to Beta.

Still haven’t figured out which setting the splash screen’s “Version 2.80 Beta” is using.


What if the only themes shipped with Blender were the new standard Dark and Light themes, and all these other “approved” ones were hosted on somewhere with a nice screenshot / download page?

You could curate the current promoted theme collection independently from Blender releases, and you could set a much lower bar for inclusion on that page than for bundling with the software and include a lot more of them as a result.

The Theme choice Preference in Blender could have associated with it a “Get more themes…” link that would take you to the page.

Myself I really don’t feel a big need for a bunch of additional themes to be included with the software since they’re easily acquired and installed from elsewhere. I think there’s some value in discouraging new users from spending a lot of time messing around with themes, and pushing them towards starting out with the very excellent default themes until later when they discover that there are other alternatives.

Also hosting the themes externally makes them “somebody else’s problem” and core development doesn’t have to worry about maintaining all of them.


I like the idea of having a link to the website to get additional themes, but Blender needs to ship with a handful so that users know what’s possible with themes.


True Black

true_black.xml (41.4 KB)


Blue Green A


I tried my hand at a deuteranopia adapted theme. I’m not color blind myself and the only topic I was able to find on blender artists is few years old, so I’ve based this first attempt on the simulation I got from Photoshop and the following palette…

…and I probably messed up (more than) something along the way.
Still I believe blender should be accessible to the larger population possible, and (once perfected and tested) I’d love to see it shipped with such a theme.

Of course it’s very much a work in progress, and I’d love some feedback.


For those that don’t like flatty and transparency things:

strorange.xml (41.3 KB)


Pastel green for both day- and nightime. Text is bright, BG dark (better readable than opposite), Editor outline is white for better distinguishability of different windows, yet not blinding, since it’s so thin. Timecursor strong green. Properties tabs enhanced visibility. Topbar contrast enhanced.

grinsegreen.xml (39.9 KB)


As said, selection is not very visible. Face dots almost invisible. Other than that, this is within my top 3. Looking forward for improvements. Nice job!


thank you very much ! i was looking for this theme fixed