Call for Content: Themes

Seeing that the themes are XML files would it be possible to handle theme variants with a slider from dark to bright? Or have brightness & contrast sliders?

That way, you can tweak each theme a little by scaling the internal hex values of the theme without going in having to tweak each individual setting. The default theme could both have a darker variant and lighter one without having to create you own custom theme.

Another option might be to define an overall color palette with a few primary colors and have the theming engine handle all the small differences for sub panels, headers, etc.

The reason I bring this up is because it’s extremely tedious right now to try and find the right value to tweak.
For example, if you want to change the header color of all your panels you have to go through each one and change them individually, which seems like something that could be simplified.


I’d say: It’s “forever” classic user. :slight_smile: Because it should be easier for any user: new or classic to rapidly identify things on the screen.
Vote it up and thanks.

Yes, further: I want new users to have a confortable experience reading the icons and options. It is a hard job, and also Blender team is doing a fantastic remapping with never-before-seen-left click choices to continue supporting people who come from another software. Thanks for your vote.

Whoops! I accidentally had the wrong theme uploaded to Blendswap, fixed.

@ArtStallion. Open 2.79, load factory settings, in the themes editor click the + button, give it a name like 2.7X default. It should now show up with your other xml file/s.

I just registered so apparently i cant upload the theme file itself. Anyone knows how long i have to wait?
Here’s a screenshot at least

Now im trusted! :slight_smile:
odyssey.xml (52.5 KB)

(52.5 KB)


Yello theme updated with some subtle shading on certain parts plus lilac secondary select color
yello.xml (41.4 KB)

This is my take on a theme based on the blender dark one. I’ve updated the post with some more screenshots with demoscenes.


I’m digging this one. Great Job! It’s similar to MODO’s.

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a mess of medium/light greys with decent contrast

mostly_grey.xml via drive


heres my theme: Edge

edge.xml (52.5 KB)


maybe it’s not in Appdata, but in your Blender installation directory\2.80\scripts\presets\interface_theme

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Well, this is just a colorful theme for blender newbies, I guess it will be fine for them and also for the instructors because make it easier identify functions with colors and to distinguish editors at first glance, trying to make all more friendly using just the headers, something like the nodes.

Fell free to change whatever you want.

playskool.xml (52.4 KB)

playskool_light.xml (52.5 KB)

playskool-dark.xml (52.4 KB)


Paste it in your explorer

%AppData%\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\presets\interface_theme

Blender Smooth

The idea behind this theme is make a theme similar to default theme but removing all the contrasts details, text shadows, whites and reduce visual noise and center the attention to only the working elements.


Blender Pro Alpha 2

Blender Pro Alpha 2
blender_pro.xml (39.9 KB)


Love it! I would use this so much more than the default ones!

revamped the modo theme from blender for my own use:

#UPDATE: Made some changes in the Scripting Workspace to make it more behave like in Modo(see picture below). Also I did some changes for the Icons in the Outliner to seperate them better.

2#UPDATE: I add for the Material Output in the Shader Node the same color from the shading icon to be more consistent. I also worked on the UV Editor to make the selections consistent from the selection colors. Sadly you can only change the color from the edges in the display settings from the uv/image editor which would be great if you could do this in theme itself. And you can’t hide the facedots which get pretty noisy if you enable it.

3#UPDATE: Fixed the colors for the new setting panel.

I was at the moment forced to make the outliner window background darker because blenders selection on the outliner is sadly pretty inconsistent.

modo12.xml (41.4 KB)


Hi, I hope you like this theme.

It is loosely based on Heavypoly’s config for blender 2.8, which is loosely based on blender 2.79’s “Hexagon” Theme.

It is a rather light theme, with magenta (active) and cyan (selected) highlights. I liked it because i felt like the information design of blender is maintained (it uses most of the color conventions) even though the contrasts aren’t really pronounced. And well, because I find the palette interesting.

(sorry for the uninspired name)
cadet_grey.xml (52.5 KB)
Edit: I’ve noticed some minor inconsistencies and errors since uploading, will soon fix them


Thanks! I think it still needs some work for consistency, and if there are some changes to better support light themes

Is there any way one could add a 1px shadow/outline to the tool icons to make them go better with brighter accent colors? Right now the only way for me to make it work for yellow for example was to turn down the alpha or darken the actual color, which in the case of yellow makes it look kind of muddy.

If you turn down the alpha for icons in the themes menu it gets better contrast wise but it results in all other icons vanishing.

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