Call for Content: Themes

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For some reason this just pops out for me: clear separation of windows, which is important to me. Good (minimal) use of colors without going full Thomas Kinkade. Nice balance of contrast and brightness that is easy to look at in the broadest of environments. However, no matter what the theme, I always end up bumping the brightness on my display during the day and dropping it at night.
+1 from me.

I’m not a power user in the conventional sense but a persistent user for many things for many years (since before 2.5 actually!). When, for example, I use it to prepare for 3D printing, then I could care less about color-perception bias.
My personal theme has been based on color-coded windows for years. It does not have a pro ‘style’ like most themes I see, but instead is for a broad set of workspaces that shift windows around, and sometimes even duplicate window types in different areas of the same screen. My eyes always gravitate to color for function at the high-level, not the low level.
‘Tutorial’ is not a bad name and certainly doesn’t clash with anything else, although I wish it wasn’t so ‘kiddy’ sounding :grin:

As a self-elected voice in the dark for all the non-traditional workflows out there, it would be nice to see a few themes that address alternate value systems without drifting into super-cool looks.

XSI or the MONTREAL LEGACY theme WIN guys !!! use it!!


Chocolate_4.2.xml (42.1 KB)

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Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink_4.2.xml (42.1 KB)


Yeah my previous account disappeared in thin air so i made the exact same account i had before as a new account and now I cannot upload attachments because “you have a new account you cannot post attachments hurr” so here’s a 4K screenshot instead.

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Although I understand our desire to make each theme as good and useful as possible, I think there is one more consideration. For the default starting theme I think we should include features that make it easier for a new user to use and initially understand.

So for that one theme (only), I think we should include just a (very small) amount of opacity on the 3D View region background. This way a new user will instantly recognize that the Tool bar tools are on a full-height panel over the 3D view, rather than just individually floating. This would help with the confusion when the mouse pointer turns into a “resize” pointer at a place that doesn’t otherwise make sense.

Similarly, the tools panel should be pulled out enough for the full names of the tools to be displayed.

It is easy enough for anyone already familiar with Blender to change these things; to change the opacity and drag that panel in. But new users initially lack that skill. Making these changes shows them more detailed information and leads them to learn how to change and configure the workspace.


You took the words out of my mouth, we should definitely have this in the default theme.

Or we can just fix the current issue, which is that the resize handles appear even in the area where the regions are transparent.


Why “or”? Do both.

It is almost effortless and instant to give that region a small amount of opacity now in the default theme. And there are benefits beyond that resizing behaviour. When it is invisible then it appears to not exist, so a new user is not going to think that it could be made more solid, or green. But if it appears to exist it does lead you to further possibilities.

And then, months or years later, some developer might also change how it behaves as it becomes invisible.

Well, if we make the regions semi-transparent, which we could do, then there is some lost real-estate. Esp in Object mode, the fact that the vertical area below the toolbar is completely transparent means that the tools appear to be floating, rather than being on a largely empty toolbar.

It’s somewhat a matter of taste and different tradeoffs, but I think there is some value in making the toolbar background completely transparent, provided that we fix the issues related to input in this area.


Sorry, not sure what you mean. The behaviour is the same if the opacity is zero or if it is 0.05. So is this real estate that is “lost” purely psychological?

Well, an opacity of 0.05 is quite pointless. Either we should make it visible or not. If we make it visible, it doesn’t look like an area of the screen that is untouched and that you can interact inside.

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0.05 is literally what was set for the screen capture a few comments above. It is just enough to inform the user that those buttons are not floating on nothing, but are set on a full-height panel that can be changed and interacted with.

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Hmm, I had to set the alpha to like 0.4 before I could reliably even notice it.

Yes, how much it is noticeable depends on the contrast between the color of the 3D background and the color of the overlay region background. In my example I choose white for the overlay so it is visible at very low levels of opacity.

And it is for that reason why it is tough to have differing behavior when it is visible versus not. You can’t really just do things differently when opacity hits zero, you need to do so when it is no longer visible which can occur at much higher opacity levels.

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wow the nostalgic feels :heart_eyes:

No nostalgia. Useful as ever. Good designs become standards. Most downloaded theme in the history.

Mi favorito!:ok_hand: