Call for Content: MatCaps

Due to concerns about the reflection checkers I have created a new one.
No more AA issues and minimal distortion with the current mapping.

EDIT: Adjusted stripe width for optimal analysis and added vertical version.


looks lot better much clear than the old one, thanks




These two nail it. I’ll run further tests next week, but I believe this is as close as Mirror Ball reflections can approximate the behaviour of Zebra shading. Well done! @pablovazquez @brecht If those two MatCaps HISEROD provided could be merged to master replacing the currently shipped Zebra MatCap I’d be grateful!


Just verified them again with production files from the studio, both MatCaps are fine!


I’ve been working alot with matcaps lately and have used only my newest ones for zebra shading. They far surpass the current default zebra matcap.

Please swap them.:v:

Great Matcaps! Thanks so much! Something like 07 is greatly missed in the included set. It’s essential to pick out flaws in a car model.

Matcap Skin

I have noticed some posterization/banding in Matcaps in viewport. In some it is more noticeable than in others. Does this have anything to do with compression/color depth in the source file? Or maybe it’s something that only happens in my system?
By the way, I tried to test if banding decreased when configuring Color Management for Workbench engine in Solid mode, and that apparently is not working there. Should Color Management for Workbench solid mode be possible?
Hmm, also banding is something noticeable with Studio Lights. I suppose that is some limitation with Blender viewport.


what would be more usefull than having all those crazy matcaps are a decent range of Metal (bronze, steel, gold etc) and plastic matcaps. For hard surface that is.

I’m also looking for Matcap good for hard surface.

Do you think those good for hard surface ?

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can you use those as matcaps in Blender ?

No all for test. I’m on learning Sub-D Modeling course.

But I have this Matcap Collection for Blender

How to :

Probably I will test Matcap collection for hard surface on July.

If you have good one, don’t forgot share or sell to me .:wink:

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what do you mean “no all for test” ? you mean you havent tested those

How do you use that premium matcap collection ? will those appear where the current matcaps are ?

Yeah. I haven’t test all, just quick install and check a little.

Actually, I’m not sure how to use it .

Yes. just import it ,all matcaps will appear the same location.

@billrey Any chance to include one last matcap?
I recently shared on BA one matcap I made specifically for poly modeling, and some users would like to see it shipping with blender, as it seems like there’s a lack of matcaps designed for actual polygon modelng. So…

EXR link:



Due to an awesome new feature in 2.81 that allows you to toggle Specular Lighting on MatCaps, it’d be great if some could be re-rendered (maybe even improved or re-visited :slight_smile: ).

I made a new thread so it’s easier to follow:



would’t it be better to close this thread because the call for content is over? or is it still going for new MatCaps?

Good point, it’s already over a year old. We can make a new one for future calls, for new proposed MatCaps they can be in RightClickSelect or User Feedback.

Will close this now. Thanks everyone!