Call for Content: Default Brushes

This thread should not be for discussing the asset shelf, sorry.
The implementation for brushes is still in progress. Once the first iterations are merged there should be a thread for feedback on that.


Two more brushes from me that I consider esential.
EDIT: pasting videos doesnt work anymore for some reason

  1. Button brush
    I think I’ve perfected brush to be used for buttons, or similar alpha textures. It uses drag dot stroke, has custom falloff and adjusted settings. I’ve tested almost every brush as base for this and think Clay Strips works best. Without textures it still creates rounded button shapes that can be quite useful, but its also a great placeholder brush in which you can simply upload alpha and thats it. With alpha image assets this can be super fast.

  2. Cloth Stretch brush
    Its surprising that my favourite cloth brush didnt make it into Julien’s workflow :smiley: I use almost exclusively Boundary brush with Cloth Sim/Expand to drag cloth around and get wrinkles for flat cloths, blankets mostly. Its better than grab because it has smoother falloff, and can stretch quite a lot, and with stretching and squashing you can create wrinkles with directions soo easily.

There are some more less essential brushes in this file, mine are named _SOMETHING


I am happy to see the potential of modes of brushes exposed.

So, I’d rather see Slide Expand exposed like Slide Pinch, it has same importance, rather than one brush without a key switch. Ideally, that should be one brush with a modifier key. But if the asset library is released, before the brush tool is changed to allow that, I prefer to have two brushes.

I use the Elastic Twist, when what I want is not satisfied by Rotate, Pose.
Contrary to those brushes, it does not mess up boundary, but rather center of deformation.
I think it is legit. But I will not be bothered if it is not considered an essential brush.

Now, the radius may have its importance. Having radius unified is counterproductive to discovery of brushes.

I think that would make sense to have Anchored or Rake brushes, as examples. But they need to have a texture by default. A Bricks Anchored brush and a Scratches Rake brush would make sense. But should they be made of a procedural or image texture ?

At least, one brush example using each stroke methods could help to maintain them.
There should be Layer Dashed Line and a Layer Curve brush.

I wonder if this plastic bag food packaging/ seams brush preset would be useful. I tweaked some of JulianPerez improved crease settings so it looks nice and sharp. Could be used for camping tents perhaps as well.


While Im happy to hear it is useful, I’m not sure if you really meant the brush I made. The video shows a crease brush, while mine was based on the draw brush with procedural vector displacement :smile:

Here is a follow up post with a blend file using improved strength settings: The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 2) - #1991 by robin.hohni - Blender Development Discussion - Blender Artists Community


Hi, not really, in this picture you can easily spot the difference.
this brush is super handy to recreate human and creatures wrinkles for example.

[Moderation note image removed]

With the settings I suggested before for the Crease brush you can get pretty close to the Dam Standard
[Moderation note, image removed]

close but still missing the extra sharpness and depth of dam standard.
The suggestion by robin.hohni is actually closer.

The difference in sharpness might be because I used a less dense mesh in Blender, but of course it won’t be 100% the same as in Zbrush

What about including the Orb brushes if licenses permit? Always been one of my favorites.

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I edited some posts. Copyright guidelines for devtalk

Please do not post screenshots from other copyrighted software. (And please don’t post pictures of food either :wink: )


View Normal automasking is enabled in Essential Brushes file.
That is messing up behaviour of this brush.

A Linear or Inverse Square Falloff will probably be more pertinent, as default, than a constant one for this brush.
And also a Smoother Falloff for Smooth Boundary.

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Thanks for pointing out the auto-masking! I disabled it again.

Many brushes in the file are still only placeholders and don’t fully work yet. I updated the boundary brushes but it would be great to test them more, figure out how many brushes are needed and with what setting configurations.


Well these are the brushes that I have saved usually:
To sketch hard surface I like to have one draw sharp with stroke in line and other with stroke in curve,
same thing for multiplane scrape, I like to have the inflate in airbrush and the blob in airbrush with jitter in 0.5 and size presure on, it could be interesting to add a draw with the dash ratio and length options, all the others are more or less named in the thread, are you adding node tools? a tool to scatter objects in facesets, an array tool or some filters with the procedural textures would be nice too, you could also add the hair from the conference to the hair assets maybe…
robin.hohni, love the brush baker addon, it would be nice to add the creation of alpha brushes (I think it is done with the height map) there too if you have time.

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I tried my hand in creating thumbnails for my brushes. Masking is hard!

Cloth Stretch



Smear Expand (or Average)

Sharp Crease


I like Ryan Kingslein’s Ball Stylus brush for Zbrush. It’s like a Clay brush but when you inverse sculpt on corners it works kind of like a Scrape brush. Helps with building volume and creating planes without the need to change between Clay and Scrape brushes.

[Moderation notice, violation against our forum rules, video removed]

You can get it for free on his gumroad.
I tried recreating it in blender with the Scrape/Peaks brush with these settings:

But in order to control the strength of the brush you need to play around with both Brush Strength and Plane Offset settings.

Would have been nice if we had an option to add this kind of scrape corner effect on Clay and Clay Strips brushes tho.


I can agree that crease brush works suspicious and produce the result that better fits regular inverted brush rather than produces specifically crease effect, but I am not sure it could be fixed with settings (or at least I didnt succeed to reach the necessary amount of pinch and sharpness, also there were known issues with brush engine in general - Right-Click Select — Blender Community)

I mean if it is needed to set some value to its maximum to achieve the behaviour which is supposed to be default it is more an internal problem and value is hardcoded to be weak, since the defaults are supposed to have a middle-ranged values in order to provide a certain amount of a control flexibility.

There is not much sense to add more brushes. There is fundamental issue, that makes all round brushes oversmoothed. And the reason described years ago in the RCS topic, that Paul attached in the previous post.

Also there is second issue: displacing from normal and from surface. So the same brush with flat cuttind edge profile produces stroke with flat sides on the plane, but stroke with curved sides on the sphere.

Real sculpting tools do not work like this. Blade cuts any surface in the shape of blade. Stack displaces any surfaces in the shape of stack and produces some bulge around (usually bulge is unwanted, tbh)
So this is how chisel stroke should work. Same profile, displaced from solo averaged normal for any surface.

Yes, there can be displace brushes, that push and pull from normal, but it is another class of tools.
One displace can respect tiny details, another can smooth em with additional smooth option.

Anyway I dropped serious sculpting with blender due to theese issues with brush engine.


the proper “crease” brush was never committed, because pablo dobarro left

find a dev to committ the patch and its all good


I´d like to propose two changes to the sculpting-defaults:

  1. Clay-Brush: Set “Auto-Smooth” to 0 by default, as it causes the brush-behaviour to be less predictable.

  2. Deactivation of “Unified Radius” by default.

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