Call for a return of a Node in Blender 3.3 to once again feature Image in Seperator


I would like to make a call to return a former Node feature to the Seperator / RGB to once again have ‘image’ on it, instead of color. This Node was used for creating/exporting COMP maps which had an image texture attached. We in the gaming industry have these new texture maps called COMP’s that go with PBR Materials. They put in three different textures into a single texture (COMP file) by using the ‘channels’ in a texture (R,G,B). But they are not colors per say, but images. The layers are;

  • Ambient Occlusion (shading of surface, AO map)
  • Roughness setting
  • Metal setting

This is used in games that use PBR textures. Albedo, COMP, NORM, and some others that are used in special Materials.

The new Blender 3.3 has their Seporator Node changed to Color instead of Image, and that alone breaks it, making 3.3 unable to be used for this.

The gaming industry is huge. Why not have 2 versions of the Seporator RGB Node; Color ‘and’ Image.

My humble request.

Bill Ortis
Lionheart Simulations

Are you using some addon? You should contact addon author and tell him about regression. Name of node and inputs did change so that might have broke some scripts but node itself it works same way as before:



Hello @Forester64

Can you do a test, if possible, and make your Roughness setting in your COMP map to be super shiny and see if it works?

On mine, its like its taking the Metal input instead of Roughness, like perhaps the Green is now Blue and Blue is now Green, switched.

I would be so grateful. If it doesnt effect your roughness with green setting, then I think this might be a bug instead of a change.


I think you may be misunderstanding the changes that have been made to the node…

Functionally, it is exactly the same: it takes a color input (in your case an image) and then outputs each of its individual channels.
This has not changed since the last version.

The only thing that has changed for you is that the names of the node sockets have changed.
This does not affect what they do (the input named image is exactly the same as the input named color), but if you are using python scripts it may cause errors where they expect one name and get another.

Hope that helps!