CAD Modeling Style for precision modeling

Blender i love u
Please we need this feature for architecture modeling

( CAD Modeling Style . Precise modeling.)

This problem in blender very very bad for architecture modeling .

Make line in blender in edit mode
In far of the world axis .

Make line in location .600 OR 1000 meter. XYZ axis . lenght : 20cm
Lenght : 20 cm

Changed to

Lenght : 19.9998 cm


In sketchup 20.00000 CM == 20.00000

Please fix this i love u blender
Mehdi from iran shiraz
Sorry for my eng language


This is long standing issue too i have seen myself that often you want 3.4m 20cm and you get bad weird numbers after. I do not model and learn for arch, but i learn towards gameready modelling and still this anomaly makes confusion lot of times.

here’s a big topic about this:

and an addon: