Cache won't refresh when objects parent is moved

I parented a physics object (e.g. cloth simulation, soft body spline) to a bone or another object. When i move the parent object around, with the timeline running or when setting keyframes and play the simulation, the physics objects movements are precached. Changing or adding keyframes, moving the parent object in another way or not at all should create a new simluation and overwrite the old cache. Right now it doesn’t. Setting Keyframes on the simulated object itself will flush the cache and create a new one with every change, as expected. But that’s not useful for rigging.

This method worked well in Blender 2.79. Also after being parented to another object the simulated one behaves very wonky and flickers all over the place in 2.8. I tried moving the simulated object with drivers instead of parenting. This appears to be a workaround for the flickering movements but not the cache problem.

Is there a whole different way to do something alike in 2.8 now and I just missed it or is this still under construction/unknown until now?