Bullet physics

dear developers for many years i wanted ask you, when blenders buller physics will get multithreaded ?
i saw many years ago videos about bullet physics in maya with massive rigid body counts at real time. physics are one of most important for 3D fun.
if i run many rigid body physics in blender then i see that only one cpu core gets spikes mostly and then not even reach above 70% or so
i not sure about if it is or not but performence and core workload shows different,

whats the reason physics in blender are forgotten? if i look bullet website, they get amazing features in last years… many other industry could maybe then use blender for physics silumation if blender would get updated to latest bullet right? i saw nasa and other biggest companys using for robots AI training


when will blender get physics love ?

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IMHO As soon as @scorpion81 and his team are able to port Fracture Modifier to 2.8x/2.9x, I think there are some things that still have to be improved in the depsgraph :slight_smile:

but when this will be? fracture modifier exist few years now in blender 2.79 and i still cant wait for it. it would be one of best blender features in 2.8+. its really sad the priority of this is lower than other things…
i dont understand why. please can any developer explain why rigid body physics / destructability features are low priority?

and i cant wait for multithreaded soft body . these are features that everyone would have fun and so would attract even more new users… who wouldnt love to make massive jelly simulations ? : )

It’s not a matter of priorities, there has been a try to port F.M. to 2.8, but the result was not satisfactory, it seems the performance was not good due to some changes in the dependency graph made for 2.8, AFAIK F.M. devs are waiting to two things:

1.- Some Deps Graph evolution (don’t ask me about what exactly)

2.- Stabilization of the new node based system, because this will change a lot of things, and F.M. will probably be implemented in part with the new Function Nodes system, but it needs to be commited and working for it to be usable for F.M.

I think priorities are well stablished, but the new function nodes / particle nodes are a big project, it has to be stable and it has to have an astonishing performance, so first things first :slight_smile:

I’m also eager to get F.M. in 2.8, but we have to wait a bit more.

well thanks much for answer. now i go wait for that :flushed:

My answer is not official, keep that in mind, things may change or may have changed already, I think @jacqueslucke @scorpion81 may know things better than me :slight_smile:

For the time being you can keep using FM 2.79 and export things to Alembic to be used inside 2.8x

thanks but im done with 2.79 its to much of ancient graphics… and lost my settings which i changed for days on keymap.