Bug: Whole window intermittently shows Blender as it was a few minutes ago

This is difficult to describe, and I don’t know what this sort of bug would be called, so I couldn’t search the forums to make sure this isn’t duplicate.

On macOS Mojave, using the last two daily builds of 2.8 (7/17 & 18) I periodically get this odd bug: the whole window reverts to looking exactly like it did a minute or so ago. When I click on the screen everything reverts to the way it should look currently.

This even happened while taking a “selection box” screenshot. While doing this, only the area within the screenshot selection box returned to the present (correct) state of the program while the rest showed the program as it was a bit in the past.

I have no idea what this type of bug would be called otherwise I imagine I could be of more help… BUT I’m totally available to answer questions to help clarify if needed.

Thanks to everyone working for Blender (paid and unpaid) for this incredible tool!

No screenshots?

I can’t actually capture it with screenshot. The act of taking the screenshot clears it :confused:

It looks perfectly normal, except as if the whole state of the program was reverted to the way it was a minute or two ago.

At first I thought I had accidentally undone a bunch of stuff.

Sounds like hardware/drivers issues.
Your drivers are updated?

Everything is as up to date as it can be. 2017 15" iMac Pro with Touchbar.

Hmm, probably compatibility issues with your graphics card.

I guess it’s better report the bug.


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Ahhhh there… Haha I should have tried the help menu.

Thank you!