Bug submitting, interactive double thread check

One thing about submitting bugs. It should have a better and more interactive check when you fill a title. Now we see tons of bugs which are the same. Even though Ton talked about it here about commercial software, Blender still has this and i believe developers are wasting a lot of time merging bugs. If there could be a more automated manner like say GitHub has when you enter a title. Then a list shows with open bugs containing those keywords. This would mean way less repetitive bugs submits.

Below is a screenshot of the method on GitHub. As soon as you type this list will show. I think developers will benefit from such a system and will save HUGE amount of time.

Currently there is not method for this. Perhaps a user should be directed to a overview first or a search page. But that could mean people would submit less bugs. I find the current method not really handy for dev guys. I myself first go searching for simular bugs, but this is weird a lot more clicking of course.


phab has had a ticket open about this one for years, sadly it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere all that fast


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THats really to bad, it will save them so much time. THe implementing side will be quite heavy and difficult and perhaps thats why its not added yet.

I thought let me try to make some stirr again :slight_smile: I also did that with a super simple addon i made which copy/pasted the blender branch info and system info in the bug submit ticktet. I was done finding it everytime. Though it was simple it saved quite some tedious and boring work. With 1-2 weeks i noticed Blender added it themselves, even in a better way.

So i hope this makes some notice about this again :slight_smile: