Bring back the "Disabled Add-ons Only" filter in Preferences > Addons

This patch added a “Enabled Add-ons only” radio button, and removed the “Enabled” and “Disabled” filters that were located in the “Category” drop-down menu (in Preferences > Addons).

While this is a nice improvement (to be able to quickly limit entries to enabled add-ons only), this patch also introduced a regression.

Since this patch, it has become impossible to see “Disabled Add-ons Only” anymore, which was a interesting option to find a particular add-on in a long list of add-ons. Now, you have to search for it in a list of Enabled Add-ons and Disabled Add-ons.

I hope that developers will consider removing this radio button and replace it with a new drop-down menu that would contain:

  • “Enabled Add-ons Only”
  • “Disabled Add-ons Only”
  • “All Add-ons”

This drop-down menu wouldn’t take more space than the recently added checkbox (I measured it) and would give users back the option to display “Disabled Add-ons”, just as before.

PS: also, on a side note, could the label “All” in the dropdown menu for categories be renamed to “All categories” ? In order to be clearer… (because reading “All” at first sight, the user could wonder what this “All” is for…)

The RCS post:


I agree.
There is no reason consider that a “Disabled Addons Only” filter would be less interesting than an “Enabled Addons Only” filter.
With “Enabled” filter, user is searching for addons documentation, bugreporting, disabling.
With “Disabled” filter, he is searching for addons enabling. It is not less frequent than previous situations.